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June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am presently teaching another six week Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology workshop at Mind Body Fitness yoga:

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology, May 16–June 20

My daily horoscope (I’m a Sagittarius) tells me today that this next period is about embarking on new projects, but warns me about upcoming financial decisions.  While these are often fun to read for many of us, astrology is much more than the daily newspaper horoscope would have us believe.  I mean seriously, how can the entire human race be summed up in twelve signs?  And I’m a little skeptical that all Sagittarians in the world today will be embarking on new projects and making worrisome financial decisions…then again, that prediction is so general, it can apply to any of us.

As someone who has studied the subject for as long as I can remember, I can testify to the usefulness of astrology as much as I can testify to the problems that can be created when it is used to predict the future or stereotype people.  In my workshop, Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology, we will decode, debunk, and demystify stereotypes associated with the zodiac, and examine how astrology, from an “evolutionary perspective” can be a useful life-tool.  For centuries, sailors used the heavens to chart their course.  Similarly, the birth chart “map” can guide us on our own unique soul journey, illuminating the often-illusive path to authenticity, growth, and happiness.

Throughout our six weeks together, we will examine signs, planets, and houses within the birth chart, focusing on what makes you a unique and distinct person in the world, while emphasizing the soul journey and karmic challenges and lessons.  No knowledge of astrology is required for this workshop!  Registration includes a copy of your birth chart and the book The Inner Sky, by Steven Forrest.


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