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Wisdom of the heavens lighting the way.

Natal reading. 125

An interpretation of the birthchart covers large overarching themes that color one’s life, from birth to death. Emphasis is on isolating core issues, illuminating one’s larger path in the process. Appropriate for any age, a natal reading is also a wonderful tool for parents, helping to provide guidance and support for a child’s life path. …approximately two hours.

Transits and progressions. 95
An interpretation of transits and progressions examines the energies that are activating the chart at this time. Looking at a time span of approximately 2 – 3 years, this reading is often sought out to evaluate the intention of a particular phase in one’s life or a “tough” time, and how that reflects the soul’s karmic journey. …approximately one-two hours; it is ideal to have had a natal reading with me first, even if you have had one with another astrologer.

Combination natal and transits. 165
A combined interpretation of the birth chart and current transits and progressions in one reading. …approximately three hours.

Solar return. 75
Treat yourself to a birthday gift! Once each year, the Sun returns to the exact position that it held at the time of your birth. This reading outlines the astrological influences on the year ahead based on the positions of the planets at the precise time of your annual solar return.  …approximately one hour.

Relationship. 235
An interpretation of the dynamics at play between the charts of two individuals. How the charts interact with each other is examined, and through analysis of the composite chart, the third ‘entity’ they create together is also explored.  Suitable for love relationships, family members, work relationships, etc.  …approximately three+ hours; though not mandatory, it is ideal to have had a natal reading before ordering a relationship reading; permission from both parties is required.

Follow up.  75 per hour
Suitable if you have specific questions or would like to go deeper with your chart.

All readings come with a link to an audio recording of the session.



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