About the Astrologer

I have studied astrology for over twenty years, apprenticing with the renowned astrologer and author Steven Forrest over the last thirteen.  Through Forrest’s Apprenticeship program, I recently achieved Master Level Astrologer.

I began my professional practice in 2007 after several years of teaching art at the university level. My background in the visual arts greatly informs my astrology work. I bring depth of insight, sensitivity, and compassion to all of my readings, helping to illuminate the often elusive path to authenticity, growth, and contentment. Honoring the uniqueness inherent in each chart, my goal as an astrologer is to empower clients in their soul journey.

I was born at 7:39 pm EST on December 20, 1975 in Bethpage, New York. I have a Sun in Sagittarius, a Moon in Cancer, and a Leo ascendant.  A gypsy traveler of numerous creative, spiritual, and knowledge-based traditions, I wear multiple hats.  In addition to astrologer, these include: mother, professor, artist, yoga instructor, permaculturalist, grief-tender, and budding art therapist, to name a few.  In addition to one-on-one readings, I am also a teacher of astrology and I lead community-grief tending rituals, inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, Francis Weller, and Daniel Foor.  I bring 20 years of facilitation and teaching experience in the realm of higher-education, to my work with individuals and groups and I believe strongly in the power of ritual and ceremony to transmute adversity and loss into the healing of individuals, communities, and the Earth.  I go by she/her pronouns and I live with my daughter and our pack of non-human companions in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, the occupied lands of the Catawba, Keyauwee, and Saura peoples. 

Additional education and training:
• Master of Fine Arts, University of Oregon (2003)
• Expressive Arts Therapy Graduate Certificate, Appalachian State University (in progress)
• Master Astrologer, Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program (2020)
• Level 1 and Level 2 Professional Astrologer, Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program (2008, 2016)
• Sustainable Design Certificate, Yestermorrow Design/Build School (2016)
Permaculture Design Certification (2014)
• RYT 200 certification (2012)
• Usui Reiki Level 2 certification (2007)
• Study of Yang Hsu system of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Shaolin Temple discipline, with Sifu Fan Ping Tao (2010-2012)
• Non-Violent Communication training (2011-2013)
• The Work that Reconnects, with Joanna Macy (2012)
• Grief-Ritual facilitation, with Francis Weller (2019)
• Course in Keening, Irish Ritual of Lament, Mary McLaughlin (2021)
• Sacred Ritual Arts in the Celtic tradition, Tonja Reichley (2021)
• Ritual Practice and Ancestral-Lineage Healing, with Daniel Foor (2020)
• Sacred Grief training, with Shauna Janz (2020)
• Safe and Sound Protocol certification, with Steven Porges (2018)

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