Request a Reading


For information and reading requests please contact Samantha at  
Gift certificates are also available.

To initiate a reading, please include the following information in your email:
• Knowledge about astrology
• Kind of reading you are interested in (check under ‘services’)
• Birth date
• Birth time (to the minute is important, please don’t round up or down)
• Birth place (city/state, or city/country)
• Have you had an astrological reading/consultation before?
• Why are you seeking one now and what are you hoping to come away with?
• Relationship status and number of kids
• Career/work/hobbies (in other words, how you spend your time)
• Any other information that might be helpful?
• Contact info (email, phone, address)

I will then contact you to arrange an appointment.  Payments are due one week ahead to secure a reading by phone, zoom, or audio recording.  For in-person readings, payment is due at time of appointment.  Payments can be made via cash, check, or paypal. At this moment I am not set up for Venmo. Note: for ethical reasons I cannot do readings for others who are over the age of 18, or for relationships in which the partner does not consent.


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