I approach astrological work from an “evolutionary standpoint”, focusing particularly on the evolutionary process of the soul. This approach assumes that we are “older” than our present years  on this earth. It involves decoding the birth chart to examine the soul’s intention in this lifetime, paying attention to particular life issues, lessons, challenges, etc–– in other words, looking at one’s karma and dharma.

Astrology, when appropriately practiced, is not predictive fortune telling. One overarching principle of evolutionary astrology is that we all possess free will and are responsible for the realities we experience. A reading involves interpreting the energy of your chart, and exploring what you chose, as a soul, to work on in this incarnation. The chart is akin to a complex map. Symbols are unveiled in order to communicate inner dynamics that are often not entirely conscious. A reading can also contextualize issues that you may be aware of, but perhaps have trouble articulating.   Astrology can be an enlightening guide, providing encouragement, clarity, and validation on your path in this lifetime.

Two questions that are often raised in a session include “is that good or is that bad?” While some signs in popular astrology get a negative rap, polarizations as such are not intrinsic to the language of evolutionary astrology. Just as there are no good or bad signs, there are no good or bad charts.

Every chart is considered perfect.

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