At the moment I am not offering mentoring sessions, please check back in a few months.

Over the years, I have taught numerous workshops, from basic and advanced chart analysis, to special topics classes on transits, progressions, and nodal analysis. I have also led monthly new moon circles, which combined deeper learning on astrology with ritual work. A skilled and experienced teacher and mentor, I distill complex material into accessible concepts, while still honoring the magic and mystery that is the cosmos and this human incarnation.

For ongoing mentorship in Evolutionary Astrology, we would meet once or twice per month for 1-2 hours per session. Sessions are customized, as we work together to craft a learning plan, and time between sessions would also include assigned homework to meet your goals. Purchase of books will be required. Mentorship is also available in singular sessions, if you are engaging in your own independent study and wish to ask questions or have clarification with certain concepts. Having a good working knowledge of Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky is a minimum requirement.

To begin the mentoring process, please send me an email that includes responses to the following questions:
• what level do you consider yourself at this moment in time? Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?
• what astrological workshops have you taken and/or what books have you read?
• are there any particular teachers/authors that you follow?
• what are your personal learning goals? (e.g. becoming more proficient at natal chart analysis, acquiring a better understanding of transits and progressions, etc)

My hourly rate for mentoring is $95 for 60 minute sessions and $125 for 90 minutes. Packages are available if you wish to bundle sessions and are offered at a reduced hourly-rate: $320 for four 60-minute sessions; $445 for four 90-minute sessions.  Packages must be used within a two-month period.

Upcoming workshops TBA. Below is a sample six-week workshop.

Intentional Living With Astrology.
This workshop will provide you with a basic sense of astrology—what it truly is, and what it isn’t, from the “evolutionary” perspective.  Evolutionary astrology is not predictive fortune telling, but a set of multi-dimensional principles that incorporate free will and personal responsibility to aid us in the process of living life in a more conscious and intentional way.  Through the lens of participant’s birth charts, we will examine all of the signs of the zodiac, debunking the stereotypes associated with them and exploring their “evolutionary goals.”  Planets and houses of the natal chart will also be discussed.

For centuries, sailors used the heavens to chart their course.  Similarly, the birth chart “map” can guide us on our own unique soul journey, illuminating the often-illusive path to authenticity, growth, and contentment. No knowledge of astrology is required for this workshop!  Registration includes a copy of your birth chart. 

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