“Samantha, I just wanted you to know that the reading you did for me was insightful, empowering, and full of grace and wisdom. There were actually points where I was brought to tears by your words that touched me so profoundly. Listening to you speak out loud of my life struggles and life potentials gives validation to all that I feel. Having someone be able to do that in a world that can be so thoughtless and superficial was a gift that I can never repay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”      -Heather, CT

“I wanted to write you a note of thanks for my reading. The reading is amazing. You were able to zero in on many aspects of my life, past and present. I was particularly interested in the part about my being here this time to learn to live alone and depend on myself. I find this to be true as the years are passing.”   -Carolyn, OR

“Your insight and wisdom today was lovely and inspiring.  It was a much needed support and acknowledgment of many things I’m feeling and experiencing right now in my life.  Thank you again for what you do. I loved your positive energy, holistic approach and intelligence. I’m going to send some other folks your way, and I know they’ll have a great experience as well.”  -Kami, NC

“I wanted to say thank you for the chart that my sister had you do for my birthday this year. It eerily resonated with me in a number of ways. I very much appreciate your approach and how you explain it…. Even a friend who listened to the recording said it was impressive. So, thank you very much. It was very helpful and validating in many ways.”    -Kevin, OR


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